Tony Bloom An OMS Trustee

Tony bloom albionTony Bloom is more popularly known as the Brighton & Hove Albion Football Club’s chairman. He’s contribution to the sport and to the club is beyond magnanimous. But aside from that, the man is also celebrated and acknowledged for having a big heart.

Several years back, he founded the “Tony Bloom Charitable Trust” which targets the relief and prevention of poverty in the UK and the developing countries in Asia and Africa. At present, it is known as the “Bloom Foundation” with trustees, Linda Bloom, Adam Franks, Marc Sugarman, Marcelle Lester and Tony himself.

But apart from fighting poverty, Tony has also fought Multiple Sclerosis together with his wife Linda who has been diagnosed with the condition about fifteen years ago.

Linda built up the OMS Foundation which stands for “Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis” which aims to help individuals with the said ailment and to help them make guided and better decisions in the improvement of their lives and in taking their condition under control. Her husband, Tony, has been a proud supporter of the cause. In fact, Mr. Bloom ran two Brighton marathons to raise awareness and funds for the charity specifically during 2011 and 2015.

Multiple Sclerosis or MS is said to affect about 100,000 individuals in the United Kingdom. All over the world, only 0.0357% is said to have it making it one of the rarest conditions in the planet. What makes the battle against it harder is the fact that it has no known cause or cure. Studies are still being had about it and the medications and treatments provided are merely to improve the lives of people having to live with it and helping them learn cope with its effects.

Common symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis include dizziness, fatigue, vision problems, balance problems, bladder issues, muscle stiffness, spasms, slurring, speaking problems, emotional instability and depression. Based on statistics, those diagnosed fall under the age bracket of 20 to 40, are female and live in the countries with the colder climates.

Linda Bloom was fortunate enough to have had her condition under control with the help of proper diet, adequate exercise, self hypnosis, meditation yoga and an evidence based diet and lifestyle approach developed by Professor George Jelinek. Both Tony Bloom and Linda wanted to spread awareness and aid to those who have been suffering from MS too, thus the OMS Foundation came to be.