Tony Bloom and the Different Hats He Wears

tonyhatIs it possible to wear several hats? Yes sure it is, but how about all at once? For most people two is already pushing it but to Tony Bloom, he can definitely do more. And what makes it all the more commendable and astonishing is that he manages to not drop a single hat. He juggles them well and yes all at once.

This Brightonian born was a child of the seventies, a graduate from the Manchester University with a degree in mathematics and a massive football fan. It’s safe to say that he plays a lot of roles but for the sake of this article, we’ll summarize them to four as follows.

  • Businessman-Investor – After graduating from the Manchester University, Tony went to pursue an options trading job at the accounting firm Earnest & Young. But soon after, he left the position to fully focus on and pursue his goals in business and investments, a move deemed worthy as it helped him build the equity he enjoys today.
  • Football Club Chairman – In the year 2000, Tony became amajor investor and stockholder to the Brighton & Hove Albion F.C. By May of 2009, he became its chairman after having bought majority share. His contributions were nothing short of magnificent. In fact, they were considered history makers. With the construction of the American Express Community Football Stadium, he ended the 12 year run of the club without a home basis. He later followed this up with the opening of the American Express Elite Football performance Centre. These projects earned him the love and praise of the citizens of Brighton earning him a Most Outstanding Citizen Award.
  • Philanthropist – In 2011, Tony Bloom built a foundation that seeks to fight poverty which he named the Bloom Foundation and has been in operations since with target areas in the UK, Europe, Asia and Africa. Together with his wife, he also co-founded and is a trustee to the Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis Foundation.
  • Family Man – It’s no secret that Tony is huge on family. In fact, his love for football was somehow inherited from his relatives who were massive lovers of the sport themselves. They’d even often go out on trips to watch matches. Despite being busy with his entrepreneurial ventures, football chairmanship, and philanthropic projects, he remains a loving husband to his wife Linda to whom he has a son with.

Ever wondered how Tony Bloom does it? Oh boy, we do too!


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