What Everyone Can Learn from Tony Bloom

tony bloom albionTony Bloom is a household name especially in the seaside resort town of Brighton in England. This self-made businessman, investor, football club chairman and philanthropist wears several hats at once and juggles more roles than most of us can have in a lifetime but he does it and with utmost success.

It is therefore of no wonder that a lot of people look up to him and wish to achieve success like he did and continues to do so. He is no doubt a force to be reckoned with. If we could learn something from Tony Bloom and his life which we could apply on our own, these would be them.

  • Stock up on your skills before taking the plunge.

Tony went to Lancing College for his primary education before taking a mathematics degree at the University of Manchester. After which, he worked as an options trader at accountancy firm Earnest & Young. He did all these, learned, honed and sharpened his skills before he went full on into his entrepreneurial and investment ventures. He made sure to stock up on his knowledge and skills set and invested in himself first.

  • Take risks but “calculated” risks.

Tony Bloom is known for his risk taking but what many people don’t realize is that this man takes a lot of considerable time to calculate and gauge his actions before diving head on. A wise investor may not win all the time but they make sure that they’ve considered all options and factors in every decision.

  • You don’t have to outgrow childhood dreams.

Born to a football loving family, it was no surprise that Tony became a huge fan himself not only of the sport but also of the Brighton & Hove Albion F. C. He would often watch matches at the Goldstone Ground with his family as a kid. He’s also wanted to be part of the club and true enough he did by the year 2000 as he became one of its major investors and stockholders. In May of 2009, he bought majority share and became its newest and current chairman pioneering major projects such as the construction of the American Express Community Stadium (Amex) and the American Express Elite performance Centre.

  • You earn more by giving back.

We can’t end this article without mentioning Tony Bloom’s entrepreneurial works. In 2011, he founded the Bloom Foundation in a bid to help end poverty and later on the Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis Foundation with his wife Linda.


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